How Website Design Affects SEO

Search engine optimization is necessary for any website. Good SEO means a higher rank on Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs). If your site gets ranked at a higher place then you are likely to get more hits. Website design plays a significant role in determining your SEO. A good website design results in good SEO. You can use different SEO tools which can help improve your site. This article talks about how website design affects SEO.

Following are some points to keep in mind when designing an SEO friendly website.


Readable Text

The content written on your site should have legible font type and size. No user is going to waste time trying to figure out what is written. If they are unable to read it properly, they will simply leave your site. There should be proper contrast between your text and its background. Choose proper colour combination for your website. Although bright colours may look nice, overdoing it might get annoying for the user.


Give Enough Space

You should give enough whitespaces or separators to differentiate various sections. You should also give room to images in your content. Make sure they are highlighted and have proper captions and titles.



Don’t surprise a user with a popup the moment they enter your site. Give them some time to go through your site and then you should ask them for a subscription or sign up. You should not have too many popups either. It will become frustrating for the user and they will leave your site.



Menus are an important part of your website. They help a user navigate to different pages in the website. Design a simple menu which is easy to use. A user should be able to visit any page easily. They should not have to hunt for it.


Above the Fold Content

ATF content is what a user sees when your site loads. All the important information like your company logo, site name and contact details should be part of the above the fold content. This means that the user should not have to scroll down even a bit for any of it.


Internal Linking

This is very important. All your relevant posts should be linked with each other. When a user finishes reading a post, they should be presented with other relevant posts that could be interesting for them. This way you can get more clicks through your website/blog. These links should not just be placed on random words like “click here”. You can add some relevant keywords to these links which can be helpful to the user as well as make it better for SEO on a website.



Around 70% or more users are accessing websites through their mobile phones. Having a responsive website leads to a higher score by search engines and will improve your overall rankings.



There are a number of tags which you can use to improve SEO.


Title Tag

This tag is useful in giving a relevant title to your page. A title is what a user will see in their results page. Add keywords to your title to make it easier for search engines to index your site.


Heading Tags

Using different heading tags (h1-h6) can give a hierarchy to your site’s content and helps a search engine determine the content of your page.


Meta Tags

The meta description is shown in SERPs. It works as a sales pitch for your given page/post. A relevant Meta description with proper keywords can convince a user to click on your page/post.



Display optimized images and videos on your website. Images and videos which have larger size will take longer to load. If the loading time of your website is high, then you will lose rank in SERPs. Optimized multimedia will greatly reduce site’s loading time.

Another useful place where you can mention relevant keywords is in the title of the image, the caption of image and alt text of the image. These are also crawled by search engine bots. Repeated use of keywords will help a bot identify the content in a page/post. While playing videos automatically, make sure they are muted.



It takes time for any website to crawl their way up in SERPs. You should constantly optimize and update your site content. There are a number of SEO tools available which can help you with this task. At Vedansh Infoway Pvt Ltd, we offer a course on digital marketing which can be beneficial to you. It can help you improve you develop an SEO friendly site. We also offer digital marketing services to clients.


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