Digital Marketing Job opportunities in coming years

In the present digital age, each and everybody is on the internet no matter what age, gender or location. And marketer or a business can’t dismiss these users. For most people, their day starts and ends with their phones.

Companies are always striving to make better sales. For this, they must reach their customers through various online platforms. Hence, Building Career in Digital Marketing in India is currently gaining significance.

Digital marketing includes whole combination of Website UX, SEO, Email Marketing, SEM, Social Media, Content Marketing, etc. Most significant matter is that all advertising platforms are used in isolation, which should be otherwise and aligned with each other.

What are the job opportunities in Digital Marketing?

As a digital marketing professional, you have the possibility of working in either of the following:

  • A digital marketing agency:

Various digital marketing agencies are available which offer digital marketing services to their clients. If you work there, it will give you a chance of handling variety of clients with different requirements.

  • Brand utilizing digital marketing:

You can also work for a brand or a company that is actively leveraging digital marketing for development of their company. By working there, you will gain more in-depth expertise in various digital marketing fields.

  • Multinational companies:

Companies like Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, Sales force, etc. can provide a variety of work which will be different compared to working in a brand or agency. The number of available positions in such companies is less but they will pay a much higher salary.

Job Profiles

The popular job profiles in digital marketing are as follows:

  • SEO Expert:

Almost every business has experts of website development. However, when searching on Google, Yahoo, etc. it is important that the website gets displayed in the first page of results. This is where SEO Experts come in. They make sure that a website is optimized and displayed at a higher index.

  • SMM Expert:

To make your business noticeable, you will need to advertise it on various social media such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc. SMM Experts help market your business effectively through social media.

  • Content Writing:

If you have a way with words, then you can simply work from home as a blogger/content writer. Search engines like Google are constantly looking for new and fresh content in a website. You can have your own blog or freelance for companies.

  • Digital Marketing Manager:

In order to acquire this position, you will need to have knowledge of entire digital marketing and a lot of experience. A digital marketing manager makes all the strategies to be applied for online marketing in a company. They do it with the help of digital marketing analysts and strategists.

Salary Estimates

The following are the rough salary estimates that you can get in any job profile:
1) An executive with an experience of 0-1 year can earn up to 1.5-4 lacs per year.
2) A Specialist with 1-3 years of experience can earn around 2-6 lacs per year.
3) A team leader with an experience of 2-4 years can earn around 3-7 lacs per year.
4) A strategist/analyst with 3-5 years of experience can earn around 4-10 lacs per year
5) A digital marketing head with an experience of 5-10 years can earn up to 10-30 lacs per year.

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