Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

By clicking the acceptance of agreement of Vedansh Infoway Private Limited you abide yourself with the terms and condition of our company. Privacy policy section of our company includes how your personal information collected by us will be treated. We regular take the feedback from our users and provide them instruction and tutorials. Company reserves the sole right to regular revise these terms without anyone’s consent. No dispute in this regard will be entertained.

As our company is involve in providing services which are tend to updated time to time and you are free to discontinue with our company if you are not satisfied with any such improvement.

Electronic notice:
You will be notified about any improvement through e-mail or by posting notice on our site. Website could be amended or withdrawn without any prior notice and decision of company authority will be final. No liability in this regard will be entertained by us. Instructors are not hired by us; neither have we held the responsibility for any disputes or damage that may arise. Submitted content does not fall under our control and bears no responsibility to preserve them or to control your access over them. If you decide to access the products of our company outside the national boundary then you have to keep in mind the local laws of that place and we bears no responsibility towards the jurisdiction issues.

You are not required to pay any fees for browsing our course but we may change the policy without any discretion. In case if you apply for any paid services and your payment method fails then you may lose control over product.

General obligation:
You should have attained 18 years of age.
You should agree with the terms and condition prescribes by our website. Any kind of spam post should not be posted by you through the products or site. In case if you end up disclosing any of your personal information to any of the instructor then it is you who holds the entire responsibility of all loss. Do not disclose your account information to anyone. Transferability of your account is not permitted and at the same time it is also not suggested that you should use anyone else account. Also provide complete information in your account. In case if we learn that information provided by you are false then we hold the complete right to terminate your account.

Standard of content:
No illegal, offensive or indecent contents will be entertained here. User contribution should meet the parameter of local as well as international laws. Content disturbing the patents or trade mark or any such intellectual property is strictly prohibited. Practicing any unlawful idea is strictly prohibited here.

Acceptance or decline:
The sole right to remove refuse or reuse any of the user contribution lies to the hand of company.

Information posted:

  • We never claim that any information that is posted by us is completely accurate or complete and relying on any such information should be done on your risk only.
  • We offer refund policy for tenure of seven days without raising any question. You are just needed to mail us. In case if receive any abusive mail then we may terminate your account.
  • You can link your account to ours but it should not be placed in a way that it depicts a relationship or authorization over us.
  • We do not make any kind of promise in any regard of accuracy, availability, reliability, quality etc. neither the promise to meet your expectation is made by us in any regard. Company disclaims any of such warranty or claims.

In any kind of indemnification by you, a complete co operation should be provided from your part.

Decision for termination of breach of contract between you and the company solely depends upon us. We may decide to discontinue with your account without prior notice and in case if you want to retain with our services you can mail us to info@vedanshinfoway.com. We are not binded by law to retain your account for any substantial amount of time.