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ASP.NET Training Rajkot

About the training program

When you visit the asp.net project training in Rajkot, then it is a branch of Vedansh Infoway. Here you can get all kinds of facilities that are generally used by them to make you learn about the programs. Not only that, in Rajkot, it comes among the best asp net training institute.

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Benefits for ASP.NET from Vedansh Infoway

  • All the experienced teacher here provides training for the ASP.NET.
  • After the completion of courses here, they ensure job placements for you all.
  • You get many assignments during the course training to give you practical training.
  • All the doubts related to subjects are explained in a detailed manner.


ASP .Net, MVC, WPF, Silver Light
  • Software Engineering
  • Web Programming
Module 2 – .Net Framework
  • Client and Server Standard
  • Programs in .NET
  • .NET Framework
  • 3 tier Architectures
  • CLR
  • .NET Core
Module 3 – ASP.Net
  • Types of Controls
  • standard Controls
  • Data Controls
  • Input Validations
  • Architectures
  • Page life cycle
  • Master Pages
  • Managing State
  • Javascript
  • Ajax
Module 4 – C# Programming with Microsoft .NET
  • Fundamental of C#
  • Fundamental OOPs
Module 5 – Database Connectivity
  • ADO.Net Architecture
  • ADO.Net Disconnected Classes
  • Data table Object
  • Dataset Object
  • Using dbCommand Object
  • Connection classes
  • Using the Executenonquery Method
  • Using the DbDataReader Object
  • Using DbDataadapter Object
  • Working with Data Source and Data Bound Controls
  • ListBox ADO.Net Data Binding
Module 6 – Advanced ASP.Net
  • Controls
  • Choosing Methods to Navigate Pages
  • Troubleshooting and Debugging Page and Application Exception Handling
  • State Management
  • Chart
  • Web Services
  • JQuery
  • XML
Module 7 – Linq
  • Using Linq to Dataset to Query Object
  • Using Linq to SQL to work with data
  • Query Extender
  • Flavors of Linq
  • Linq Language extensions
  • Linq Keywords
  • Linq to SQL
Module 8 – Advanced Features
  • Asp. Net MVC
  • Crystal Reports
  • Silver Light


Training is not complete without Live project, we have live project for our ASP .Net course.

We also meet Project training (internship) guidelines of MCA, MSc IT, BCA, BE, BSc IT and Diploma IT.