Future of PHP: Will it be always in limelight in the IT sector?

Just like everything else, technology has also evolved over the years. The internet, web development, websites and transcription is no longer the same as it had been a few years back. Programming languages have upgraded to better and easier versions. Designs have moved from static to dynamic ones and users too have upgraded their tastes accordingly.

Whether PHP is a dead programming language is a frequent question asked in various webinars and social media platforms. Well, PHP did have its good days, bad days and better days. But is it completely lost?

What is the future of PHP in the IT sector? How worthwhile is it for new coders to take online php course with certificates?

Let us take a look.

Most Used Server Side Programming Language:

PHP is still one of the most dominating programming languages used for server-side programming. If we get into percentages, approximately 75% of web pages are coded in PHP. Even WordPress uses PHP. More advanced languages have tried to take over, but PHP is still the first preference for back-end servers.

Core Language For Website programming:

Web developers always prefer using PHP while programming websites. Many have upgraded to using WordPress but the fact remains that WordPress doesn’t give much scope for writing codes. Thus, PHP is still quite popular among developers who love to build websites from scratch.

Dominating Language For Web Developers:

PHP has been in the market since 1994, though it has had its bad days with the evolving trend of new languages. But experienced web developers still follow and prefer PHP. The primary reason behind their choice is that over the years of PHP programming, there are a lot of codes that are incorporated and developed into frameworks which give the advantage of ready made codes.

Coders prefer using these frameworks to reduce their task by eliminating mistakes, errors and rectifications. Thus, you get cleaner and better code effortlessly.

PHP 7 Upgradation:

PHP has updated to PHP 7 version which has incorporated many new features and enhancements. The primary two features include faster speed and better memory usage. This means the website that is coded in PHP 7 loads faster and uses optimal memory as compared to a website developed using an older version of PHP.

Apart from this, PHP 7 also integrated with better type declaration, new operators and improved error handling schema.

Career Growth Graph:

PHP popularity and market share would not be gone overnight as most of the websites on the internet are built using PHP programming language. These websites need experienced PHP developers for regular maintenance. Thus, if you are planning to build a career with an online php course with certificate, your growth graph will always be positive and ascending.

PHP is not dead and it does have a bright future ahead. PHP has been in the limelight for quite some time now and it reflects in the codes. Newly introduced frameworks and enhancement in coding pattern has made PHP the most sorted and by far the most loved language for websites.

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