Future of Robotics in India

Science and technology have advanced rapidly in our country. With this advancement, we are dealing with the next phase of the industrial revolution of robotics and artificial intelligence. But is our country really ready for such a huge change? This article talks about the future of robotics in India.

Robotics is rapidly entering the industrial sector in the country. Entrepreneurship opportunities are increasing and this has further led to better employment for skilled labour. Robotics is implemented in a number of industrial sectors such as metals, textiles, automation, manufacturing, etc. The health sector has also seen widespread use of robotics. Manufacturing industries apply robotics in the assembly and packaging of parts. Robotics has proved to increase productivity in the automation sector. This also allows humans to take up more analytical roles.

Raymond has replaced 10,000 jobs with automation. Grey Orange is a homegrown warehouse robotics company. They believe that their robot ‘Butler’ can pick up nearly 600 items an hour as opposed to a human worker who can pick up close to 100 items. They have also produced a ‘Sorter’ robot which can automatically scan and sort packages in the warehouses of e-commerce and logistics giants like Jabong, Flipkart and DTDC.



There are quite a few challenges which are faced by companies working on robotics. One of the biggest challenges faced is the cost of hardware and other electronic components. Importing the required parts is very expensive. It is also quite hard to procure the required parts for manufacturing a product.
Another big challenge is retaining talented employees in the company. Many companies face a situation where skilled employees want to leave the country or work for a more reputed company. Hence, it becomes hard for companies to retain a skilled workforce.


Future in India

Robotics is rapidly being adopted in industries like manufacturing, pharmacy, FMCG and inspection, education and defence. Companies with advanced and innovative automation technologies would be leading India’s manufacturing process. The increasing emphasis on “Make in India” will grow the demand for robotics technology. India will have to meet global manufacturing standards. Many foreign investors will also be heavily investing in the country’s automation and robotics sector.



Robotics helps to improve productivity. A lot of developed countries such as the USA and Japan have been using robotics to improve people’s lives and help in day to day activities such as cleaning rooms, entertainment, etc. India now has to meet these standards and develop their robotics sector by a great deal. However, our country will need to face a lot of challenges before we are at the same level. On a positive note, there are a lot of start-ups in our country which are focusing on robotics. An increase in robotics and automation will also increase the number of investments in the country thus boosting our economy even further.


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