Top 5 Modern Programming Languages to Learn in 2020

With the world advancing at breakneck speed due to the changes in technology, so is the programming language, either changing or new languages are replacing the old ones. There is a vast scope of earning for the aspiring programmers mastering the modern languages. Let us look into the top five programming languages that are of high demand in 2020.


The Top Five



Python is one of the top 5 languages that can be mastered with some basic skills in programming. It is of great demand due to its adaptability and developmental capacity for any scalable web applications. Most of the social networking sites that are popular these days are based on this program. To get more knowledge, you can also take python online training. There is a huge job opportunity after mastering Python. With the extensive library support and code readability, it can solve the problems of any complex application. It works in various platforms and is perfect for testing the ideas after building the prototypes.


Java is the programming language if one wants to join a large organization as it allows building the enterprise suited scale – web applications. Being one of the most stable programs, Java is liked by all big organizations. One more advantage of Java is the Android application is based on Java. Almost all smartphones and digital equipment work on Java and the java developers are in great demand today, and one can build a career around it.

C & C++

C & C++ can be considered the most popular programming language as most of the low-level file systems, operating systems are written in this language. Most of the system-level programmers use this programming language as it is quite stable and swift in working. It has got a Standard Template Library or STL for ding the arithmetic operations, data structures, and various algorithms. It is a language that can be used in multiple platforms for multi-device app development. C & C++ has low levels of abstraction and is very much compatible with the system hardware. One can brighten the job prospect to a much extent, mastering C or C++.


It is one of the frontend programming languages for designing interactive applications. Every pop-up that opens on clicking the computer buttons runs on the logic based on JavaScript. Many small organizations and startups use NodeJS based on JavaScript run-time environment. After mastering JS, one can effortlessly make a single program for client-side as well as server-side scripts. Working with JavaScript is much effortless, and one can stay more relaxed while creating programs. One can learn the language easily and get a good job as there is a huge demand for JavaScript programmers.


Golang or Go is from the house of Google and one of the best programming languages used by many organizations depending on the distributed systems. It is one of the preferred languages used by startups in the USA and slowly making inroads in India. It is one of the most secured statically-typed languages, and the syntaxes are small and easy to write. It is the in-thing in the programming language market and can open up many doors of employment.

Learn any of the top five languages and be smart to get the dream job.


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