Why is Website Audit Necessary?

A website audit, also known as SEO audit, is a complete analysis of all the factors that affect your website’s search engine visibility. Gone are the days when you could simply add a few keywords in the meta tags of your website and the site gets a higher index position in the search engine. Search engines now have a variety of other factors which determine the position of your website.


Search Engine Factors

1) Site speed: Website should not take too long to load.

2) Responsiveness: Your website should be mobile friendly.

3) Content: The content in your website should be unique and fresh.

4) Backlinks, broken links: There should be good quality backlinks in your site. There should not be any broken links (404) in your sites.

5) Indexed Pages, etc.


A website audit can help you identify weak points in your website and correct them, thus leading to better search engine visibility.

A proper website audit can take days. I would suggest that you go for some paid auditing. Often, you will come across some sites where they offer you free website auditing. Just enter the name of your site and you get an analysis report. However, this kind of free auditing acts more as a lead generation for them. The analysis will not take every factor into consideration. Also, just knowing what is wrong with your site does not help you. It is also important that you know how to correct those errors. This is where experts in site auditing can help you. Some of the tools used in website auditing are SEMRush , Website Auditor, Moz, etc.


Types of Website Auditing

There are various types of site audits but some of the popular SEO audits are:

1) Technical Audit: This makes sure that your site is coded properly and loads quickly.

2) On-site Audit: It consists of a full analysis of all pages and making sure that keywords are added in all required places in a page (heading tags, image tags, etc.).

3) Off-site Audit: It reviews all the backlinks and anchor tags in your site.

4) Social Audit: This checks the mention of your website in social media circles and its visibility.

5) Local SEO Audit: For a local business, it is important that they rank higher for local searches. A local SEO audit can help you boost your business by giving you more inquiries through your website.

6) Competitive Audits: This audit can help you identify the pros and cons of your competitors’ website SEO. You can use them to increase the ranking of your website.



Search engine algorithms keep updating regularly. So, in order to avoid penalties, you should get your site audited once or twice a year. This will keep your site updated. At Vedansh Infoway, we provide a course on digital marketing.

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