Top 7 SEO Tools to Consider in Digital Marketing

Website optimization can be hard, especially when you are new to it. Fortunately, there are a number SEO tools available which make your work much easier.

Here is a list of some of the popular SEO tools, which are very helpful when you are taking certification course of digital marketing online.


According to their official website, SEMRush is considered to be the best SEO tool in Europe, USA and UK as of 2019. It helps improve your SEO by showing you competitors’ rankings, checking your content, advertising in social media, etc.

It also helps by generating concise and clear reports of your results. You can directly use them to develop your marketing strategy.


This tool provides SEO checker and website auditing. It also helps provide real time analysis for your website and those of your competitors. Also, it comes with an integrated marketing checklist which helps you identify the major tasks which need more focus. Quite handy for newcomers!


This is all in one SEO tool. It helps with website errors, competitive research and SEO opportunities. Moz automates a lot of your tasks and breaks down collected data for analysis. This way, you can easily create strategies to improve your SEO.

Google webmaster tools

Google provides this seo tool. It analyses your website performance through Google search console. Google analytics provides reports about how users interact with the content on your website. Data insights provided by Google’s machine learning can help you identify potential leads which can be converted to customers.

You can use Google PageSpeed insights to figure out how much time your website takes to load in various platforms. It will provide you with relevant suggestions of how to optimize it effectively. Google Ads is a part of paid SEO. It ranks your website on top of query results.

It also helps when you are optimizing your site locally and globally.

seo tools


This is an amazing seo tool to manage all your social media platforms in one place. You can schedule media posts using their Social Media Calendar. The posts will be released according to specified schedule.

Moreover, it also analyses your post performance and how your followers are responding to it. Also, it lets you know how you trend in your social media circles.

Keyword Tool

This is the best substitute for Google keyword planner. Keywords by Google keyword planner may be too generic and not that useful while blogging. With Keyword Tool, even the free version can help you identify over 750 reliable long tail keyword recommendations for each search element.

It uses Google Auto complete to generate keywords. It can also help you identify keywords in 83 different languages.

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This seo tool performs website analysis, page speed analysis and much more. It checks whether user interaction with the website is going smoothly or not, for example, page flow from add to cart to checkout to billing and so on. It also alerts you in case there are problems with the website functionality.


There are hundreds of SEO tools available. Above mentioned are just some of the best ones present. Tools like Grammarly, Alexa, Freepik, etc. are also some other tools worth mentioning.


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