Why Laravel is the Most Popular PHP Framework

There is no shortage of web development frameworks out there. Some of the most popular PHP frameworks include Codeigniter, CakePHP, Symfony, Yii, Laravel, etc. However, among all of these, Laravel is the most popular PHP framework.


What is Framework?

A framework in web design is a structure of files and folders having standardised code. It supports development of a website. In other words, web development frameworks save developers’ time reinventing the wheel when it comes to basic website configuration like authentication, session maintenance, etc. Frameworks already have implementations of these features. This allows developers to spend more time coding unique functionalities required for the project. Laravel is one such framework which is favoured by many developers.


What is Laravel?

Laravel is a web development framework written in PHP and based on Symfony. Taylor Otwell created it. It follows Model-View-Controller (MVC) architecture. MVC is a design pattern whose fundamental idea is that logic of an application should be separated from presentation.


Advantages of Laravel Framework


1) Authentication made easy

Laravel makes implementation of authentication very easy. It comes with an out of the box authentication module configured in a helpful manner. It also makes it easy to control resource access.


2) Supported APIs

Laravel has a vast collection of built in object oriented libraries. A lot of them are preinstalled in a project. If you want to implement some functionality, chances are that there is a Laravel library which makes your work easier for you. Other frameworks don’t have such a huge library support. It also supports multiple APIs for email integration. Laravel has a number of drivers for SMTP, Mailgun, PHP’s “mail” function, etc. Additionally, it also provides support for variety of delivery channels including SMS.


3) Artisan Command Line Tool

Laravel comes with a built in tool called artisan. You can use this tool to interact with your Laravel project via command line. The tool is immensely helpful when creating controllers, models, running migrations, etc. It makes repetitive tasks much simpler.


4) MVC Support

One of the best features of Laravel is its MVC Support. This guarantees clarity between presentation and logic. It further results in improved performance and better documentation. Another amazing feature is that of Eloquent ORM (Object Relational Mapping).  ORM binds a database table to a model.


5) Security

Security is a major part of any website. It is necessary to ensure that users are authenticated, prevent SQL injections, cross site request forgeries, etc. Laravel takes care of security within the framework. It uses salted and hashed passwords. This means passwords are stored in an encrypted form in the database. It also uses prepared SQL statements which make SQL injections impossible.


6) Database Migration

Laravel prefers creating table migrations before creating them in database. Migration files specify table details. These help you keep track of all the tables that you made in your project and any updates that you made to them.


7) Blade Template Engine

Laravel comes with a template engine known as Blade. Using a blade template makes theme integration simpler. It does not add any extra overhead to your application making your code look cleaner and shorter. Moreover, it does not stop you from using simple PHP code in your files. Overall, a blade keeps your template more organised.


8) Great Support and Community

Laravel has so much support and documentation. You can find a solution easily if you get stuck. The documentation provided by Laravel is systematic. Moreover, Laracasts provides amazing tutorials and discussions to help you get started with Laravel. It provides an easy approach in terms of routing. Starting from Laravel 5, new features make your application scalable, secure and highly responsive.



Above mentioned are just some of the advantages of Laravel. Learning to develop in this framework can be a huge advantage for you.

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