Why Kotlin is the Future of Android Application Development

Kotlin is a programming language that is officially supported for developing Android apps. This language is used for the JVM (Java Virtual Machine), which essentially means that it can be used anywhere that Java is used as the web and in Android development.

Whether you know how to use an Android Studio or not, Kotlin is very easy to use. You can take the Android Development course online to polish up your understanding if you are not sure about the programming language.

With Kotlin, you get to write better and faster Android apps since it is designed in a manner that boosts your productivity.

Some of the most significant advantages that you will get when using Kotlin as your programming language include, but not limited to;


With Kotlin’s modern style, you get to express your idea in a manner that doesn’t include a lot of boilerplate, what this essentially means is that you don’t have to run and test a lot of code. And this gives you enough room to express your ideas.

Easy to Operate

You can have a Kotlin call based on Java code or a Java based code from Kotlin, and this will allow you to work with as little as possible Kotlin in your App development.

It is straightforward for programmers to read and follow the code with little knowledge of the Kotlin itself.

Safe Code

Kotlin has @NonNull and @Nullable types incorporated in the Kotlin system to allow you to avoid Nullpointer Exceptions. This system helps in improving the quality of your App. Applying for an online Android Development course will significantly improve your chances of making safe codes if you are a beginner.

How to Use Kotlin to Write Android Apps

To be a successful programmer using Kotlin, you must, first of all, know the following;

  • Kotlin or Java programming language.
  • Be willing to learn how to use Android Studio to build an App.
  • How to use an emulator.
  • How to use different buttons and how to have a second screen displayed using these buttons.

Another thing to consider is the version of Android Studio that you have; some versions require an Android Studio of 3.6 and above. If you are wondering how you can install an Android Studio, worry no more; Android Studio’s download is on the Android Studio page.

Android studio will ease your programming with its advanced editor and templates. You also get great tools that are essential to your programming like; debugging tools, testing and performance testing tools that will allow you to develop your Apps faster and with a lot of preconfigured emulators on even your mobile phone.


With its clear language, Kotlin is designed in a way that gives developers the ability to bring together programming features that can be beneficial in the long run. With Google’s support, Kotlin will be used mostly in App development, and this will give companies using it an edge over their competitors.

Kotlin has the advantage of using the expertise gained from Java to have impressive features that have been proven to work. This guarantees that issues are solved using fewer codes, thereby reducing the chances of having errors.

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