Why Should You Choose a Career in Mobile App Development?

In a previous article, we talked about why a career in web development is the right choice for you. In this article, we are going to list out some points regarding the benefits to choose a career in mobile app development.

Google announced on May 17, 2017, that it has more than 2 billion monthly active users. By June 2018, the Google Play store has featured above 3.3 million apps. The above-mentioned facts are clear indications that the market for mobile development is not going to slow down in the foreseeable future. Pursuing a career in it is going to be beneficial to you. The 2 biggest names in the mobile operating system are Android and iOS.

Below are some other motives for starting a career in mobile app development.


Mobile App Development Advantages


1) Better salary

An average Android app developer can earn around 5 lacs per year in India. As you gain experience, this figure is only going to get better and better. You don’t have to work for a company either. You can also make an app of your own. If it becomes popular then you can easily earn from that too.


2) Good Online Support

Android is an open source platform meaning you can easily download and view the source code. The development environment required to learn app building is free to download and use. Moreover, the online support forum for android app development is really good. All you will need are good analytical and problem-solving skills. You will easily find the answers to most of your development problems.


3) Present Everywhere

Apps are everywhere lately. From phones to refrigerators, cars, wearables, etc. they are present far and wide. They have also become a part of many fields such as games, entertainment and various industries. Most of the companies have decided to launch their own apps to market their products. Due to this, there is a high demand for skilled mobile developers.


4) Technical and Creative

Mobile app development is one of the most technical fields in the IT sector. If you want to create amazing apps, then you will need a technical mind. Also, you will need a lot of creativity so that you can design attractive layouts. If you are passionate then you can easily learn from online tutorials or by joining an android app development training or iOS app development training.


5) Work from any place

This field does not require you to be sitting in an office or going to a company. As long as you have a laptop and a good internet connection, you can work from anywhere anytime.


Future Scope

App development is a relatively new field. There are a lot of apps being released every day. The demand for skilled mobile app developers will not decrease in nearby future.



Above mentioned are just some of the reasons for deciding to become a mobile app developer. At Vedansh Infoway, we provide Android app training. For more details, visit the following link:

Android App Training


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