6 Major Benefits of Python Training

Python is a high level, interpreted programming language. It was developed by Guido van Rossum. The language stresses on writing minimal code to achieve any output. Today I am going to tell you why Python training could be beneficial to you.


1) Easy to learn

Python has a pretty small learning curve, for beginners in programming as well as for experienced coders. Python is a high level language which makes it easy to understand and remember. Also, the style of writing code is simple and elegant. Any logic that requires 5 lines of coding in java would be possible to write using one line in Python. Also, it has a large support community.


2) Diversity

Python has a lot of applications such as building websites, data analysis, web scrapers, crawlers, machine learning, natural language processing, cyber security, game development, etc. Python has supporting libraries and modules for almost any functionality. You can use the pygame module to develop simple games. Libraries such as NumPy, SciPy, pandas and matplotlib are used for data analysis. They can be used to process, manipulate and visualize data.


3) Portable and Extensible

Python allows performing cross language operations effortlessly. It is supported on almost all current platforms such as Windows, Linux, MacOS, PlayStation, etc. It also allows integrating Java and .NET components in the application. You can easily invoke C and C++ libraries in a Python application.


4) Web Development

Python can be used to build websites using frameworks such as Django and Flask. Websites such as Instagram and Pinterest are built on Django. Flask is comparatively smaller but extremely customizable. Some other websites built on Python are The New York Times, The Guardian, BitBucket, etc.


5) Better Salary

Depending on experience and position, salary of a Python developer can range from over 5 lacs to around 10 lacs per year in India. Some of the biggest companies such as Yahoo, IBM, Disney, NASA and many more depend heavily on Python for a lot of their operations. They are willing provide impressive packages for jobs. Based on analysis by Gooroo (platform for tech skill and salary analysis), average salary of a Python developer is around $116,379 per year in USA.


6) Future Scope

Lately, data science and analysis has become one of the most demanding fields in the industry. Any company needs to analyse the data it has in order to make future plans. Python has many libraries such as NumPy, SciPy, pandas, etc. which make data analysis simple and quick. It is safe to say that Python developers will continue to stay in demand in the coming years.



Python training can extremely helpful, whether you are just starting out or an experienced developer. It has so many applications that you can choose to specialise in some of them. At Vedansh Infoway, we provide Python training which covers the basics and the Django web development framework. For more information, please visit the following link:

Python Course

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